About us

outmasabatementManagement Abatement Safe Solutions, is an environmental company seeking eradicates contaminants in residential, institutional and trade across Ontario. Between are activities the most common are the removal of asbestos and control of mold and lead, performing procedures with the highest levels of quality and legality. Also +MASS gives a portfolio of environmental monitoring services for the worst measures in Canada at a reasonable price in the shortest time possible.

•The main objective is to position +MASS in the market as the main solution to environmental contaminants to which they are exposed to 60% of Ontario residents

•To offer our customers a thorough compliance with the regulation to remove and control environmental threats and thereby develop the highest possible security.

•Develop procedures conferred by OSHA in the shortest time possible, ensuring the safety and comfort of our customers by reducing the length standard work.

•Contribute to our service accessible to the average customer, offering the possibility of a clean and safe environment at a reasonable cost.